Erwin de Gier - Speaking Geek

Codemotion Rome 2018 : The definite guide to reactive programming in Java

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JVMCON 2018 : The definite guide to reactive programming in Java

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IMWorld Bucharest 2017 : Reactive Java : The state of the world

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Devoxx US 2017: Reactive microservices with Vert.x 3.3

JFall 2016: "What developers should know about design"

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Application Modernization: Creating the Digital Enterprise

Application Modernization Redhat Forum Benelux

JavaOne: Creating a polyglot test framework with reactive technology

JavaOne 2016: Wednesday, Sep 21, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Whitepaper: Microservices with Vert.x

In this whitepaper we discuss the specific advantages of Vert.x and present an overview of the different functionalities of the framework.

GOTO Amsterdam 2016: "What developers should know about design"

By Livia Rickli & Erwin de Gier

Workshop Sogeti Open Source Bootcamp 2016: Getting started with project Kotlin

Workshop at the Sogeti Open Source bootcamp weekend on the basics of the JVM language Kotlin.

Presentation at Equens: DevOps, microservices, containers & cloud

Presentation at Equens about the interrelations and benefits of DevOps, Microservices, containers and cloud.

Microservices, event-driven applications with Vert.x

Article in Open Source Java Newspaper about microservices, event-driven applications with Vert.x.

Triodos bank technical meeting: Reactive, event-driven applications with Vert.x

Presentation introducing Vert.x for building reactive, event-driven applications on the JVM in Java.

Workshop Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: 'Mobile Design, Every great design begins with an even better story'

Workshop at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with Livia Rickli which shows wireframing as a powerfull tool for creating mobile application concepts.

Cialdini six principles of influence

Short introduction to the six principles of influence of Cialdini.

Sogeti Guru night 2015: 'Changes in software development: microservices, event-driven, scalability'

Presentation describing the changing demands for software and the reacting concepts to fulfil these demands. This presentation was an introduction to the Vert.x 3 presentation of Paolo Lopes.

JFall conference 2015: 'Vert.x 3: What's New'

Describing the new features of Vert.x 3 at the JFall conference 2015.

HBO-I Event Rotterdam 2015: Graduating at Sogeti Java Netherlands

Presentation introducing the interesting graduation assignments done at the Sogeti Java Business Line.

Fontys visit Sogeti 2015: Realisation of a realtime webapplication with Vert.x and MongoDB

In this live coding demo a realtime webapplication was build with Vert.x, MongoDB, AngularJS and websockets.

Workshop Sogeti Java Bootcamp 2015: Async webapps with Vert.x, AngularJS and MongoDB

Building a chat application at the Sogeti Java Bootcamp with Vert.x, AngularJS and MongoDB.

Workshop Leidsche Flesch: Async webapps with Vert.x and MongoDB

Building a chat application at the Leidsche Flesch with Vert.x and MongoDB.

Implementation of a Single Sign On solution based on Redhat JBoss EAP with picketlink

Short description of a Single Sign On implemenation based on Redhat JBoss EAP and picketlink. This presentation was an introduction to the Java Enterprise Edition 7 presentation of Arun Gupta.

Fontys visit Sogeti 2014: Java EE vs. Spring Framework

Detailed story comparing the similarities and differences between Java Enterprise Edition 6 and Spring Framework 3.