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Codemotion Rome 2018 : The definite guide to reactive programming in Java

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JVMCON 2018 : The definite guide to reactive programming in Java

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IMWorld Bucharest 2017 : Reactive Java : The state of the world

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Devoxx US 2017: Reactive microservices with Vert.x 3.3

JFall 2016: "What developers should know about design"

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Application Modernization: Creating the Digital Enterprise

Application Modernization Redhat Forum Benelux

JavaOne: Creating a polyglot test framework with reactive technology

JavaOne 2016: Wednesday, Sep 21, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Whitepaper: Microservices with Vert.x

In this whitepaper we discuss the specific advantages of Vert.x and present an overview of the different functionalities of the framework.

GOTO Amsterdam 2016: "What developers should know about design"

By Livia Rickli & Erwin de Gier

Workshop Sogeti Open Source Bootcamp 2016: Getting started with project Kotlin

Workshop at the Sogeti Open Source bootcamp weekend on the basics of the JVM language Kotlin.

Presentation at Equens: DevOps, microservices, containers & cloud

Presentation at Equens about the interrelations and benefits of DevOps, Microservices, containers and cloud.

Spring Boot and Activiti

Activiti is an open source workflow and BPM platform built in Java. In has a BPMN engine which allows you to create business flows in diagrams and execute them as part of your application. Activiti integrates really well with the Spring Framework. Combining it with Spring Boot allows you to build micro business process applications really quickly.

Getting started with Vert.x and Kotlin

Vert.x is my favorite JVM framework of recent years. And since I discovered Kotlin, it’s becoming my favorite JVM language. So you can probably guess how happy I was when I discovered the kotlin language bindings for Vert.x! Because of the nice syntactic sugar, Kotlin makes Vert.x code a lot more readable.

Using Kotlin in a Java project

You want to start using the hot new JVM language Kotlin today, but you are knee-deep in a Java project and you cannot switch languages. Why not start using Kotlin for writing unit tests? Kotlin is Java compatible and can be used together with Java in the same project. Let’s have a look at how to accomplish this.

Why use Kotlin instead of Java

This month, the 1.0 version of the new JVM language “Kotlin” was released. Kotlin is 100% compatible with Java and can be used along side it. It is an object oriented language with functional properties. There are plenty of quick starts available, but what are the killer features that would make you choose it over the trusty old Java?

MQTT Client with Java

In this example we will build two MQTT clients in Java, one publishing messages and one consuming messages. We will make use of the public broker MQTT Dashboard.

Microservices, event-driven applications with Vert.x

Article in Open Source Java Newspaper about microservices, event-driven applications with Vert.x.

Triodos bank technical meeting: Reactive, event-driven applications with Vert.x

Presentation introducing Vert.x for building reactive, event-driven applications on the JVM in Java.

Workshop Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: 'Mobile Design, Every great design begins with an even better story'

Workshop at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with Livia Rickli which shows wireframing as a powerfull tool for creating mobile application concepts.

Cialdini six principles of influence

Short introduction to the six principles of influence of Cialdini.

Sogeti Guru night 2015: 'Changes in software development: microservices, event-driven, scalability'

Presentation describing the changing demands for software and the reacting concepts to fulfil these demands. This presentation was an introduction to the Vert.x 3 presentation of Paolo Lopes.

JFall conference 2015: 'Vert.x 3: What's New'

Describing the new features of Vert.x 3 at the JFall conference 2015.

HBO-I Event Rotterdam 2015: Graduating at Sogeti Java Netherlands

Presentation introducing the interesting graduation assignments done at the Sogeti Java Business Line.

Fontys visit Sogeti 2015: Realisation of a realtime webapplication with Vert.x and MongoDB

In this live coding demo a realtime webapplication was build with Vert.x, MongoDB, AngularJS and websockets.

Workshop Sogeti Java Bootcamp 2015: Async webapps with Vert.x, AngularJS and MongoDB

Building a chat application at the Sogeti Java Bootcamp with Vert.x, AngularJS and MongoDB.

Workshop Leidsche Flesch: Async webapps with Vert.x and MongoDB

Building a chat application at the Leidsche Flesch with Vert.x and MongoDB.

Implementation of a Single Sign On solution based on Redhat JBoss EAP with picketlink

Short description of a Single Sign On implemenation based on Redhat JBoss EAP and picketlink. This presentation was an introduction to the Java Enterprise Edition 7 presentation of Arun Gupta.

Fontys visit Sogeti 2014: Java EE vs. Spring Framework

Detailed story comparing the similarities and differences between Java Enterprise Edition 6 and Spring Framework 3.